2921 W. Sample St.
South Bend IN. 46619
(574) 251- 9211

CUTrageOus X2
2002 Kimble Street
South Bend IN. 46613
(574) 251-9213
CutrageOus Staff
Servicing men, women, and kids
of all hair textures
Ms. Cheryl
Master Barber with 43 years of
experience. Servicing men and
Otis Davis
Owner/ Barber
Sanita Davis
Owner/ OPI Certified
Nail Technician
Bryan Hill
Serving men and women of
various ethnicities
specializing in fades and
razor linings
CUTrageOus Barber Shop | 2921 W. Sample Street, South Bend Indiana | 574. 251.9211

CUTrageOus X 2 | 2002 Kimble Street, South Bend Indiana | 574.251.9213